13 October 2011

Webinar: Sustainable and Resilient Communities: Challenges and Solutions for Sustainable Stormwater Management

November 16, 2011, 10:00-11:30 am PST (1:00-2:30 pm EST)
Note: after live webinar date a recording will be available

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Stephen Coyle’s new book, Sustainable and Resilient Communities, presents a step-by-step action plan for making communities resilient, resourceful, and healthy. This webinar will focus on stormwater (aka rainwater). Presented by Stephen and two key contributors to the book, Paul Crabtree and Thomas E. Low, it will cover strategies and tactics for developing an actionable stormwater plan for sites, neighborhoods, communities, and regions, to help them become more livable, environmentally healthy, resource-conserving, and economically resilient.

-From the watershed to the tap: a whole system that’s more than the sum of its parts
– What’s wrong and right about the conventional stormwater approach?
– The Light Imprint Development method versus Low Impact Development
– Why scale matters: stormwater practice as a continuum instead of an object
– Building resilience and capacity at the neighborhood, block, and on site
– Addressing big storm events through network redundancy

Stephen Coyle, Principal, Town-Green
Paul Crabtree, Principal, Crabtree Group, Inc.
Thomas E. Low, Partner, DPZ Charlotte