10 February 2011

Stuck with a small budget? Try doing a virtual charrette.

Everyone is talking about how to deal with shrinking project budgets. We know that charrettes save time and money in the long run by reducing costly rework, but they can require a sizable upfront investment. Some firms are beginning to cut costs by doing virtual charrettes.

In a virtual charrette, an on-site core charrette design team is backed up by other team members working remotely via web meetings and shared servers. These virtual charrettes save money in consultant travel, lodging and food costs. Consultant billable hours can also be more tightly controlled. Other cost controling measures include more active participation by local staff who have been trained in the NCI Charrette System™. This combined with the virtual charrette can save tens of thousands of dollars.

Learn this and other solutions to tight budgets at the March NCI Charrette System™ training. New to the training are techniques for doing virtual charrettes as well as other current cost cutting measures. See more details and register today.