NCI Board Members

David Brain, PhD

Prior to joining the faculty at New College of Florida, David Brain taught at Harvard and Indiana University.  As a part of his research on the connections between place-making, community-building, and civic engagement, he has observed over two dozen charrettes.  His experience has included consulting on master planning and public process, directing neighborhood-oriented action research projects that engage students in collaboration with local community groups, contributing to educational programs for citizens and practitioners, and lecturing internationally on urban design and planning.    

Steve Coyle, AIA

Steve Coyle, AIA, CNU, founding partner of LCA Town Planning & Architecture, currently with Town-Green, has over 30 years of experience as an architect, town planner, urban designer, and public facilitator in a wide range of public and private projects around the nation.  His specialty is planning new communities and neighborhoods, and redeveloping older public and private cities, districts, corridors, and blocks.

Donna Gerber

Donna Gerber has a diverse background which includes being an advocate for nurses as well as being an elected County Supervisor and State Assembly Democratic candidate. Donna Gerber has distinguished herself as one of the most effective leaders in the Bay Area on diverse issues ranging from smart growth to quality health care. She is also a Board Member of Greenbelt Alliance, an organization that promotes mixed use, urban development within urban limit lines in the greater San Francisco Bay Area through community organizing and political advocacy.

Marcy McInelly, AIA

Marcy McInelly has practiced architecture and urban design for almost 25 years in New York City and Portland, Oregon. In 1995, she founded Urbsworks, a Portland-based firm, and redirected her expertise to the often-neglected space between buildings. Urbsworks’ portfolio consists of town plans, infill and redevelopment strategies, zoning and form-base codes, public involvement, and the integration of transit and transportation facilities into communities. Marcy served as an appointed member of the Portland Planning Commission for five years and she is a founding member of the Portland metropolitan region Coalition for a Livable Future. Marcy serves as co-chair of CNU’s Transportation Task Force.

Ken Snyder

Ken Snyder is Executive Director of PlaceMatters, a non-profit organization working to promote high performance approaches to citizen collaboration, community design and development. He is a nationally recognized expert on a broad range of technical and non-technical tools for community design and decision-making. In 2000, he served as co-chair of a committee on information and tools for the White House’s Livability Council, developing policy recommendations for the Clinton-Gore report on Building Livable Communities. Currently, Mr. Snyder is Chair of the American Planning Association’s Technology Division and sits on the City of Denver’s Bicycle Board.

Marilee Utter

Marilee Utter is President of Citiventure Associates LLC a real estate advisory firm established to focus on public-private transactions and specializes in mixed-use projects that transform communities and build economic vitality. In addition to experience as a banker with (now) Wells Fargo Bank and private developer, she previously established the Office of Asset Management for the City and County of Denver, and the Department of Transit-Oriented Development for the (Denver) Regional Transit District. She is a national Trustee for the Urban Land Institute and Past Chair of the Colorado District Council.

NCI Emeritus Board

Victor Dover, AICP

Victor Dover, principal-in-charge at town planning firm Dover, Kohl and Partners, is one of NCI’s founding board members.  Victor lectures widely around the nation on the topics of livable communities and sustainable development, and has led more than 100 charrettes.  Mr. Dover is a charter member of the Congress for the New Urbanism, and was recently appointed to the CNU Board.  He has served as a visiting professor at the University of Miami School of Architecture, his alma mater, and is one of the five CNU representatives on the LEED-ND core committee.  Dover has won multiple CNU Charter Awards and has been instrumental in establishing the Form-Based Codes Institute.

Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, F.A.I.A.

Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk is a partner in the firm Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company (DPZ) and the dean of the University of Miami School of Architecture. She is a founder of the Congress for the New Urbanism. Plater-Zyberk is a member of the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts and chairs the Built Environment Committee of the Miami-Dade County Climate Change Advisory Task Force. She has co-authored the books Suburban Nation: The Rise of Sprawl and the Decline of the American Dream and The New Civic Art.

Laurie Volk

Laurie Volk is principal in charge of market studies for Zimmerman/Volk Associates and is the firm’s primary analyst of demographic, market, and lifestyle trends. Volk’s development of analytical tools to determine the market potential for downtown housing; for repopulation and stabilization of fragile inner-city neighborhoods, and for new mixed-use, pedestrian-oriented traditional neighborhoods has been instrumental in bringing Zimmerman/Volk Associates into national prominence. Volk currently serves on the Advisory Board of the Remaking Cities Institute and the Technical Advisory Group for Location and Planning of the U.S. Green Building Council. Volk was a founding board member.