NCI was founded in order to create the first professional education venue for the NCI Charrette System™ and as a resource for research and development of transformative public involvement processes.

The NCI Team

At the hub of NCI’s training, research and consulting work are Holly Madill and Bill Lennertz. Holly Madill, NCI’s director leads the organization in new research efforts, and program and training development. Bill Lennertz is principal author and lead trainer of the NCI Charrette System.

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NCI Faculty

Experienced NCI Faculty provide geographic and experience breadth to the NCI training program. Our training faculty brings decades of experience managing collaborative strategic design projects to individual and organizational trainings.

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Board Members

The NCI Board membership draws from the country’s experts across the fields of urban planning, public involvement, real estate, and health care to guide and inform NCI’s strategic planning, research and education efforts.

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