11 December 2008

Notes from the 2008 Greenbuild International Conference in Boston, MA

NCI Director, Bill Lennertz, participated in a presentation three weeks ago at Greenbuild with former USGBC chair, Sandy Wiggins from Consilience LLC and Jennifer Rezeli from ReVision Architects, both NCI certificate holders. The session featured lessons from Sandy and Jenn’s sustainable charrette practice as well as content from the NCI Sustainable Charrette Summit held last June. At this summit Bill, Sandy and Jenn joined sustainable practitioners Bob Berkebile, Doug Farr, Steve Coyle and Dan Slone to work on integrating sustainability into the NCI curriculum. Following are the main points from the Greenbuild session. Click here to download a PDF of the full set of session slides.

Why we use charrettes for sustainable design projects:

  • Get the most sustainable design possible within the project constraints
  • Educate as many people as possible about sustainability and green building
  • Build consensus among key stakeholders to improve prospects for implementation
  • Shift mindsets

Education on sustainability starts early:

  • Include all affected parties, decision makers, promoters, blockers
  • Assess community understanding and viewpoints on sustainability
  • Educate community and regulatory stakeholders about sustainability principles prior to a charrette

Charrette design team:

  • One green consultant shuttling between specialties does not make a charrette sustainable
  • Each team member must take responsibility for sustainability
  • Interdisciplinary expertise on sustainability must be partnered with local knowledge

Trigger points for changing mindsets toward sustainability:

  • Integrated Design
  • Systems Learning
  • Healthy Governance
  • Inspiring Leadership
  • Compelling Vision
  • Data & Information
  • Feedback Processes
  • Seeing Freshly
  • Biophilia