24 March 2017

New opportunity to earn NCI certificates in less time

We are excited to announce our biggest training update in years, both reducing your time away and saving you money. Now you can earn both the NCI Charrette System certificate and the NCI Charrette Management and Facilitation certificate in only 3.5 days of training!
The first offering of this compressed schedule will be at the American Planning Association Headquarters in Chicago, Oct. 24-27, 2017.
How did we reduce each NCI training course by half a day? We put the Charrette Way strategies to work, streamlining the way the case study teams work together to cover the same content in less time. The core NCI Charrette System training has been reduced from three to 2.5 days and the advanced NCI Charrette Management and Facilitation training from 1.5 days to one day. This means that you can complete your basic and advanced certificates in 3.5 days–a full day less. This shorter schedule allows us to offer the two courses at lower rates for a combined savings of about $300, while potentially saving you travel costs.

This set of trainings represents a collaborative project management system centered on the co-design process using charrettes. Course content includes project assessment tools for gauging the length and cost of a charrette using project budget, political considerations and design difficulty. Also included in the training are conflict resolution tools, high- and low-tech tools for stakeholder engagement and public meetings.