NCI Certificate Holder Database

Search our database of almost 2,900+ NCI certificate holders by location below. These individuals have completed one or more of the multiple-day National Charrette Institute Certificate Trainings. Note: This database is currently under revision and this version is current through September 2017.

The below list includes names, locations and affiliations. If you are seeking knowledgeable project partners or recipients for your RFP, please e-mail us and request the list including contact information. Download our free NCI Charrette RFP Template.

The following abbreviations indicate the certificate(s) of completion held:

  • CS=NCI Charrette System™ Certificate (formerly NCI Charrette Planner® Certificate)
  • CM=NCI Charrette Management and Facilitation™ Certificate (formerly NCI Complete Charrette Manager™ Certificate)
  • MF=NCI Public Meeting Facilitation™ Certificate

Please note that NCI training certificates are given to individuals who have completed our trainings, and while we strive to teach the best professional tools and techniques, we cannot guarantee the experience or skill level of these individuals or assure their implementation of the NCI Charrette System™.

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First NameLast NameCompanyCityStateCountryNCI Certificate(s)
J.Gabriel Arias San Jose NUS Costa Rica CS, CM
Danielle Arigoni US EPA Washington DC USA CS
Brad Armstrong MMM GROUP Edmonton AB Canada CS
Tripp Armstrong Savannah GA USA CS
Brian Armstrong MDOT Lansing MI USA CS
Caroline Armstrong GroupMelvinDesign Woodbury NJ USA CS
Kim Armstrong Portland OR USA CS, CM
Matthew Arnold SERA Portland OR USA CS
Colin Arnold Community Housing Partners Christiansburg VA USA CS, CM
Shan Arora Southface Atlanta GA USA MF
Maria Arrasate Harvard University Graduate School of Design Somerville MA USA CS
Robyn Arthur HNTB Kansas City MO USA CS
Frank Artusio Mary Rose and Associates Santa Barbara CA USA CS
JC Asensio University of Miami Coral Gables FL USA CS
James Ashe ADMT Washington DC USA CS
Tylen Asher Perpall SCAD Savannah GA USA CS
Shaun Askins Luton Borough Council Luton NUS UK CS
Margret Asmuss University of Saskatchewan Saskatoon SK Canada CS
Caliph Assagai Ubuntu Green Sacramento CA USA CS
Geraldo Assis SCAD Savannah GA USA CS
Lucia Athens CollinsWoerman Seattle WA USA CS
Emiko Atherton National Complete Streets Coalition Washington DC USA CS
Kanani Aton County of Hawai'i Hilo HI USA CS, CM
Stephanie Aubert Western State Colorado University Gunnison CO USA CS
Rebecca Augur Milone & MacBroom Inc. Cheshire CT USA CS