07 December 2017

NCI hosts Charrette Boot Camp and Train-the-Trainer events in Michigan

For the first time, the National Charrette Institute at MSU is offering a NCI Charrette Boot Camp on Dec. 13, 2017, specifically for Michigan participants. They are also conducting a Train-the-Trainer event in conjunction with the Boot Camp on Dec. 14-15. Both events will take place at Michigan State University in East Lansing.

The Michigan Association of Planning and the MEDC Redevelopment Ready Communities® are partners for these events.

The Charrette Boot Camp filled before the registration deadline, and is a special workshop that provides an overview of the NCI Charrette System and covers the most effective NCI meeting tools. Attendees will update their toolbox and learn how to deploy a valuable set of tools and skills for handling public meetings with more confidence. For NCI Charrette System certificate holders, it is the perfect opportunity to refresh their knowledge and skills.

The Train-the-Trainer session will provide in-depth training on the NCI Charrette System curriculum, and will be the first step toward becoming an NCI trainer. It is intended for NCI certificate holders who are interested in becoming an NCI trainer.

This 1.5-day training focuses on the teaching methodology and techniques for the project assessment and organization exercises taught in the NCI Charrette System training.

Questions about these events can be emailed to Holly Madill. The 2018 public training schedule is coming soon. To learn more about these types of trainings, including the Online Certificate Training Program available at any time, visit: Learn with NCI.