RFP Writing

Get support to write an RFP with an accurate scope and budget that will achieve your objectives

What’s the most effective way to write a Request for Proposals (RFP) using a charrette? How can you ensure an accurate RFP that will ease your review process? Work collaboratively!

NCI will facilitate an RFP Co-writing Intensive workshop with your project team. The project sponsor, with the project partners such as governing agencies, completes a series of assessment and organization exercises to establish high-level guiding principles and ends with a detailed project process roadmap.

The result is a draft plan for the project that includes who will be involved and how, a list of base data work, and a description of the charrette process and products. This plan is used as the basis for writing the request for proposal. This information defines a draft RFP scope that can be used to create a scope of work and estimated budget. The collaborative Intensive creates a focused team approach to project management that will guide it through the inevitable hurdles that it faces on the way to approvals and implementation.

This effective method builds cross-agency and partner buy-in and cooperation, ensures that your RFP is informed by the essential viewpoints, and – critically – ensures that the budget is aligned with the scope. By developing RFPs that solicit qualified proposals that are easy to compare apples to apples, we ease the proposal review process.

Contact NCI to discuss your unique needs or to request additional information. Also, please see our free RPF Template, your foundation to get your RFP on track.