15 September 2017

NCI addresses public engagement challenges at the International Development Association Conference

The International Downtown Association (IDA) hosted the IDA 63rd Annual Conference & Tradeshow Sept. 13-15, 2017, at the RBC Convention Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

On Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2017, National Charrette Institute’s (NCI) interim director Wayne Beyea, and Bill Lennertz, lead trainer, presented a pre-conference workshop on Charrette Planning for Urban Space Leaders. During this workshop, attendees from across North America and globally learned how collaboration by design is transforming urban centers globally.

The session was a mini-version of the NCI Charrette System Certificate Training. Attendees learned about ways to assess any design project, and determine the right type of co-design workshop model for business districts.

“Through case studies and group exercises participants learned to activate the unique creative potential of all stakeholders by embedding them in the design process to co-create a transformative plan, while saving time and money using the NCI Charrette System approach,” said Wayne Beyea.

Bill Lennertz said that the toughest challenge pointed out by the participants was how to identify and engage people who historically do not attend planning meetings.

Discussed was the importance of connecting with people on their ground, building their trust through empathetic listening, and then embedding them in a design process where their input can have an impact. The session went on to teach how to create value for people to attend the meetings by the use of hands-on design group exercises that make them the experts for the evening.

Participants also learned how to start a public meeting with energy through the use of a Vision Wall, and how to create broad stakeholder support, reduce costly rework and produce a plan with an exceptional design.

To learn more about these tools and techniques, check out NCI’s public and online training opportunities.