Individual (Public) Certificate Trainings

95% of participants report that they regularly apply what they learned in NCI certificate trainings to their daily practice

NCI Charrette System™ Certificate Training - Core Level

Our latest training integrates scoping, budgeting and RFP writing into the NCI Charrette System to offer a truly collaborative project management process. Through this 2.5-day training, you will learn to activate the unique creative potential of all stakeholders as they engage in creating a transformative plan. Whether you are working on a community design, public policy, or a company’s strategic plan, this course will equip you with a flexible, yet replicable, systematic project management process.

Content includes tools for gauging the length and cost of a charrette using project budget, political considerations, and design difficulty. Also included in the training are design thinking empathy and ideation tools, conflict resolution tools, social media, distance participation, keypad polling, web-based flip charts, and touch tables for public design meetings.

This training is for anyone involved in transforming communities and organizations, including city and regional planners, public health staff, developers, architects, land and transportation planning consultants, and citizen advocates.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn a systematic approach to fostering creativity and innovation.
  • Identify and orchestrate the engagement of key stakeholders.
  • Learn how to create broad stakeholder support, reduce costly rework, and produce a plan with an exceptional design.
  • Gain a practical knowledge of the high- and low-tech collaborative planning tools and techniques used by leaders in the field.
  • Explore methods for facilitating a public, hands-on workshop that maximizes participation while assuring that no person or group dominates.
  • Practice using key NCI Charrette System tools and techniques, including: Guiding Principles, Project Charrette Products, Stakeholder Analysis and Outreach, Project Complexity Analysis, NCI Charrette System Roadmap, Charrette Ready Plan, and Charrette Scheduling.

NCI trainings consistently attract top practitioners in the field from across the US and abroad. Students report that one of the most valuable aspects of the course is learning from others and establishing beneficial relationships in the field of community planning.

Continuing Education
This course is approved by the AIA for 17.25 continuing education hours (CEHs), the AICP for 17.25 certification maintenance (CM) credits, and the CNU for 17.25 CNU-A continuing education credits.

Individuals who complete the trainings are included in our online certificate holder database.

Upcoming NCI Charrette System™Certificate Trainings

NCI Charrette Management And Facilitation™ Certificate Training - Advanced Level

Prior to attending NCI Charrette Management and Facilitation™, individuals must have attended the NCI Charrette System™ training (public or at their organization).

This is an advanced one-day training for directors and project managers who are charged with managing charrettes or who may hire a consultant to conduct a charrette. The training focuses on the nuts-and-bolts tools needed for managing a multiple-day charrette. Also included is a public meeting facilitation skills boot camp.

The NCI Charrette Management and Facilitation Certificate Training teaches the detailed tools and techniques for managing a multiple-day NCI charrette event. The training tracks the roles, responsibilities and strategies of the charrette manager throughout a multiple-day charrette. Students are provided with a set of invaluable daily task lists for setting up and maintaining the charrette studio and managing the complex charrette production process. Management tools include studio floor plan and equipment organization, alternative project plan assessment and synthesis, and charrette resources management. A highlight of the course is the public meeting facilitation role-playing exercise in which students practice their skills in running a contentious public meeting.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the essential skills for facilitating challenging public meetings.
  • Gain a practical knowledge of charrette management checklist tools.
  • Learn how to manage the creative efforts of a multi-disciplinary design throughout the intense multiple-day charrette process.
  • Explore the options for dealing with the press before, during and after the charrette.
  • Learn how to manage the charrette production process.

Continuing Education
This course is approved by the AIA for 7 continuing education hours (CEHs), the AICP for certification maintenance (CM) credits, and the CNU for 7 CNU-A continuing education credits.

Individuals who complete the trainings are included in our online certificate holder database.

Upcoming NCI Charrette Management and Facilitation™Certificate Trainings

  • Chicago, IL – October, 26-27 *registration coming soon