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Become an NCI Charrette System Expert

NCI’s primary focus is on educating others to bring transformative collaboration to any strategic design effort. The NCI Certificate Program provides both individuals and organizations with a path toward confidence in preparing for, participating in, or leading charrettes, and ensuring successful implementation follow-through.

The NCI Certificate program is a series of intensive hands-on trainings available to individuals and organizations.

  • NCI Charrette System™ Certificate Training is 3-day training that provides the core skills for planning and running a project with full collaboration.
  • NCI Charrette Management and Facilitation™ Certificate Training is an advanced 1.5 day training that equips charrette managers with the essential tools and techniques required to manage a fast-paced multiple-day charrette.

Individual (Public) Certificate Trainings

Certificate Trainings for individuals are offered several times per year and are accredited with the AIA, AICP, and CNU. Individuals who complete the trainings are included in our certificate holder database.

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Organization (In-house) Certificate Trainings

NCI Trainings offer teams an opportunity to learn the NCI System tailored to specific areas of practice and using handpicked case studies. NCI Trained Organizations receive a certificate and are listed on our website. Individual participants also receive their own certificate and inclusion in our certificate holder database.

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Educational Resources

A host of tools and resources are available to get you started in learning about the NCI Charrette System or to support the knowledge and experience gained through your Certificate Training.

See our store and resource library for a wide range of free and for sale publications, webinars and videos.