16 May 2013

Key Learnings from our Michigan Charrette

Earlier this month, NCI led a 7-day charrette to create a vision for the 21-mile stretch of Michigan Avenue/Grand River Avenue from the Lansing Capitol through East Lansing out to rural Webberville, MI. In total, the charrette engaged hundreds of people through public meetings and 14 technical and stakeholder meetings. Several NCI training graduates audited the charrette as part of their continuing charrette education. NCI also used this opportunity to record the participation and design process. Here are few of the highlights:

  • Day One: Public Hands-on Design session. Each table reports out, their drawings are projected on one large screen and their comments are transcribed on another screen so all can see the results.
  • Day Two: “The Frankenplan.” Technical meetings begin while the Dover, Kohl & Partners design team synthesizes the main public comments on one document.
  • Day Three: “Just-in-time” design. The DKP design team is stuck deciding on a street section. The city engineer is contacted and an instant meeting occurs that resolves the issue.
  • Day Three: Getting the kids involved. Design team members head to the Pattengill Middle School to conduct a design session with 5th graders.

Read the day-by-day details behind these and the rest of the charrette days. Check out a PDF of the last day “work-in-progress presentation.”