21 May 2015

How to run your whole project like a charrette

Some people come to an NCI training wondering if they will ever have the opportunity to use a charrette, but they leave knowing how the NCI Charrette System™ can change the way they work on all of their projects.

Run your whole project the way you run a charrette- faster, better, together. First, at the Project Start-up Intensive your team co-authors a realistic project scope and budget. No more off-target RFP’s. No more outlying team members. Then throughout your project, incorporate feedback loops for all levels of stakeholders, not just at the charrette. Reduce costly rework through just-in-time information sharing.

Recently, Bill Lennertz recorded a short presentation on how to run your whole project like a charrette. It is only 16-minutes long and can be viewed here.