09 January 2013

Charrettes for Large Scale Projects

One of the most common questions we are asked is whether charrettes can be used for planning large areas such as an entire region. The short answer is “yes.” Since charrettes are geared toward complicated projects that involve a large set of stakeholders with disparate viewpoints, city and regional planning provide the perfect context. The major challenge is how to achieve broad community inclusion across a large geographic area comprised of multiple jurisdictions. The solution usually involves combining in-person meetings with social media and on-line participation to engage the interest and involvement of a large audience. These high-tech involvement methods have been effective in increasing the number of participants at meetings and charrettes. When dealing with a large area it may also be necessary to hold multiple sub-area charrettes. For instance, planners held a total of four charrettes that were conducted over an 18-month period for the comprehensive planning process for the City of El Paso, TX.

Attend our next webinar, listed below, to learn how charrettes and high-tech involvement techniques were used for three very different projects: the Comprehensive Plan for Hammond, Louisiana (pop. 20,000); Plan El Paso (pop. 800,000); and Seven50, the Southeast Florida Prosperity Plan (seven counties, pop. 6 million).