15 June 2011

Charrettes and the Next Generation of Public Involvement

NCI is embarking on new research on the next generation of charrettes in the context of the new landscape of public engagement. The discussion was kicked off at this year’s Congress for the New Urbanism in Madison, with a focus on the need for new charrette approaches that responds to shrinking project budgets and the new landscape of public involvement. Some people are pointing to social media and web-based participatory tools as a way to reduce costs while engaging and educating a broad spectrum of the community including those who cannot attend meetings. Can these tools effectively engage people in the collaborative learning and creative charrette process? What is the difference between face-to-face and online conversations? How can we maintain the best of the traditional “high-touch” charrette with high-tech social media and web-based participatory tools?

Do you have more questions we should be asking? Or, do you have it all figured out? Do you know of tools, approaches, case studies we should look into? Tell us more! Add to the discussion in the comments…

1 Response

  1. Bill
    Thanks to NCI for leading a discussion at CNU on how to improve the charrette process. Cost and time have become bigger challenges in the Great Recession. Innovations that provide productive involvement for stake holders at a lower cost are needed. We at CNU will work with NCI to help meet the challenge.