05 August 2016

Built by Charrette: A Selection of NCI Charrette Projects

Bill Lennertz, NCI Executive Director, managed charrettes for the following built charrette projects.

bart_aerialbuilt-sm-300x176Contra Costa Transit Village, Walnut Creek, California: A six-day charrette solved a 25-year impasse over the development of the 19-acre transit station site. The result was a master plan and Form-based Code, which has successfully guided the building of this award winning transit village. Lennertz Coyle and Associates, Architects and Town Planners

SoRiverCrossingSouthern River Crossing Plan and Bridge, Bend, OR: A six-day charrette solved the highly contentious issue of creating a southern crossing over the pristine Deschutes River. The plan included the transformation of a defunct mill site into a riverside park including the design of the bridge, both of which were completed. Lennertz Coyle and Associates, Architects and Town Planner

shevlinShevlin Village, Bend, OR
: A 15-acre mixed-use pocket neighborhood along a new park on the Deschutes River. Four different developers built the project under a Form-Based Code. Lennertz Coyle and Associates, Architects



FairviewFairview Village, Fairview OR: Completed in 1998. One of the first built New Urbanist projects in the Northwest. Fairview is an award winning 60-acre mixed-use village outside Portland, Fairview Village. A number of builders developed Fairview Village under a Form-Based Code, resulting in a neighborhood having a variety of compatible architectural styles. Lennertz Coyle and Associates, Architects and Town Planners

KentlandsKentlands, Gaithersburg, MD: The first built New Urbanist project of its size, the 356 acres Kentlands is a fully mature series of neighborhoods that has become the urban center for the surrounding area. Kentlands was designed in a seven-day charrette made famous by New York Times and Washington Post coverage. Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company