02 December 2015

Are you charrette ready?

Watch this short video in which Bill Lennertz, NCI Executive Director, talks about what happened to a charrette that was not charrette ready. Before you commit to a charrette, you had better be certain that you’ve done your homework…

How To Know If You’re Charrette Ready And What To Do If You’re Not

Live webinar: December 16, 2015, 10am PST/1pm EST

Join Bill Lennertz, NCI Executive Director and Stacie Nicole Smith, Senior Mediator at the Consensus Building Institute, as they discuss how to get the most out of your charrette. Two of the most costly mistakes an organization can make are not being charrette ready and not dedicating the right amount of time to the process: scheduling too many days is a waste of resources, while not planning for enough dedicated time means your team can pull an all-nighter, yet still come up short of a complete solution.

Topics that will be covered in this 90-minute webinar include:
How to determine your organization’s charrette readiness
What to do when you are not charrette ready
Tools for handling tough political divides
How to determine project complexity to schedule the correct number of days for your charrette

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This webinar is  accredited with the AIA for 1.5 continuing education system (CES) units, with the AICP for 1.5 certification maintenance (CM) credits, and the Congress for the New Urbanism for 1.5 CNU-A continuing education credits.